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If you want all your data to be removed automatically, you may do so by following the next steps:
1. On Facebook access Account-> Settings & Privacy -> Settings -> Apps and Websites.
2. Find the Game you want to delete in the list of apps.
3. Press “Remove” to remove the game from your list.
4. On the pop-up window check “Allow Facebook to notify the Game that your login connection was removed.
They may offer you another way to log in.”

Please note, if you check this option all your data will be removed immediately without the possibility of recovery.
5. Press “Remove”.
In-Game Bonuses
1.Free Daily Spin 2.Kitty Bonus 3.Bingo 4.Bonus Boxes 5.Freebies 6.Send and receive gifts from friends

You can receive free rewards by liking, sharing, commenting, and/or participating in the events held on Heart Casino's Facebook Page.

Heart Casino is free to play. However, you have the option to purchase coins within the game to improve your experience. Purchases are made with actual money. Remember, purchases are not required to play!
Please try closing and re-opening the game.

If after doing it, you still have not received your purchase, please contact our Customer Support. Please have the following information handy so we can provide you with better assistance:
1. Receipt

2. Name/description of the item you purchased.
3. Date of the transaction
With this information, we'll do everything we can to get you the items you purchased.

Attendance Deal
I bought the 5X Attendance Deal but didn't receive all coins. You receive part of the coins at the time of purchase. Attend 5 times in 10 days to claim the rest of the coins. Remember, it's an Attendance Deal!
You can use your Hearts as follows
1. Buy VIP Pass to enter our exclusive VIP Room if you are a high roller
2. Unlock betting limits
3. Buy ALL COLLECT Cards to open the bonus boxes all at once
4. Upgrade your Free Daily Spin's reward
5. Upgrade your Kitty Bonus' reward
6. Bypass the waiting time of Bonus Boxes
No, you join tournaments automatically at no cost
To get out of VIP Room, simply press the Lobby button at the bottom of the screen
Go to Bonuses, select the Bingo tab, and the result of the last Bingo session will show up

If you purchase an ALL COLLECT card using your Hearts, you can collect your Bonus Boxes all at once

The number of Bonus Boxes has been adjusted according to your level.
If you invite your friends to send gifts, you will receive a B box or better.
No, unfortunately, this is not possible.
Heart Casino is a Facebook Instant Game, not an online casino.
You can level up by gaining experience. Just play!
Each spin gives you XP points.